Starting the Zend Framework 2 Session Manager

One way to start the session with Zend Framework 2 (2.0.3 dev) is as below written.

// public/index.php
$manager = new \Zend\Session\SessionManager();
  1. Start the session manager
  2. Get the session config object
  3. Set httpOnly cookies for better xss security
  4. Set your session name
  5. Start the session

There are many other options which i have not tested yet, but this options are mandatory in my opinion.

Lp. Silvester

jQuery niceDate plugin

After looking on the internet for a jquery or javascript plugin that converts machine dates to readable ones like 12.12.2012 -> 2 days ago, I decided to write on my own. Since I am not a good javascript programmer feel free to correct my mistakes.


  • multilanguage,
  • aware of language grammatics,
  • easy to hack,
  • available for past and future dates,
  • show original date on mouseover

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Zend Rest Client & Google Maps Geocoder API

Here is some quick example how to use zend framework rest client and google maps geocoder API together.

$client = new Zend_Rest_Client('');
$client->address('Cesta Andreja Bitenca 68, 1000 Ljubljana');
$res = $client->get();

MySQL backup to Rackspace Cloud files, quick & dirty

After having deep thought about security, bad hardware and shit I decided to make some database backup for some of my clients. They wouldn’t provide any spare backup space so i decided to use my account on rackspace cloud. The file space was cheap enough so i do not charge my client for it (even if I would i could not). I wont write about how to restore the database. In case a restore is needed, the situation will be too complex to restore with a click of button. It took about 1 hour to complete the task. The plan is to use php-cli, crontab and cloud files.
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