Hello world! (My ass)

Welcome to WordPress. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start blogging!

This is what wordpress says when you install wordpress. I installed wordpress through the fantastico interface so had no work with the configuration and installation. It took like 2 minutes to install and run it.

Now the horror begins!!

After doing 2 projects with wordpress i thought that why shouldnt i do also my personal website with wordpress. I allready started to do my own web site cms at least 20 times in 5-6 years without success. I thought wordpress is a real nice tool to work with and modify. (i still do if i work.)
Now some background information about me.
– I hate css
– I have no idea how to work with it
– I am programming php for 6-7 years now
– Have done at least 20 websites by using tables which look the same on every browser!

So as an incompatible person with css i started to modify wordpress. I downloaded the K2 theme from http://getk2.com/ and started to look at the css in hopes that i would understand something. I read that K2 theme was a derivate of the famous theme kubrick and there it was written that the new theme K2 would be more advanced and well-coded, and as someone who believes to be able to hack all well-coded software i said “This must be the right theme for me“.

Half an hour later it was all gone i started to think that people who cant code would hack, write plugins and make themes for wordpress, so it couldnt be a good and well-coded theme. The theme took evertime to reload the page about 20 seconds with no error message but ok the 20 second would mean also an error for me. So i uninstalled it.

I went to http://themes.wordpress.org and downloaded the theme blix as you can see. Again i started to look at the css and again i just said “no shit” the same story. I wouldnt be able to modify it without losing my nerves, so it will be as it is. It looks pretty.

This is what happens when someone has no idea what he is doing. He will allways just complain. For sure wordpress is good coded and many of the themes are well done.

Whatever I still dont like the idea.