MySQL backup to Rackspace Cloud files, quick & dirty

After having deep thought about security, bad hardware and shit I decided to make some database backup for some of my clients. They wouldn’t provide any spare backup space so i decided to use my account on rackspace cloud. The file space was cheap enough so i do not charge my client for it (even if I would i could not). I wont write about how to restore the database. In case a restore is needed, the situation will be too complex to restore with a click of button. It took about 1 hour to complete the task. The plan is to use php-cli, crontab and cloud files.
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Zend Framework & ExtJS Grid – part 1

The old way to make a grid was very time consuming. Basically it is just copy paste but still there is a lot to rewrite. You have to take care of the actions, pager and maybe a filter.

So i tried ext js grid. Since extjs renders the grid alone and looks a lot better then my grids which are done with smarty, html table and css.

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prototype, scriptaculous Chained Select

For one of my projects i had to make some select boxes which would work in a chain. I had 500.000 inserts in mysql which should be found easily. So i implemented 5 chained select boxes.

The first part of the project was not meant to be public so i limited my work to Firefox. But after a while the public part started and i wanted to use some ready made widgets in smarty (like my address widget with 5 chained select boxes). When i tried it in IE 6 it did not worked.

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Getting lazy with frameworks (ZEND)

For my new huge project, i did some research so I would work less. I started with cake php and after one week learning i decided that it is no good for me. My last project is not a web site and cakephp looks like it is done for making blogs and news pages.

Then i started to look at ZEND FRAMEWORK. It is a lot more flexible then cakephp and i also didnt needed scafolding. So after learning about a week I started to work on the project. In the begining it went very well, but after 2 month the pain started. I just got to lazy and depended on the framework.

On my earlier projects I allways wrote a small framework which would help me to work through the project. If i had to write something more than twice, I decided to write a function or even better an object.

When i work with zend framework, i just skipped the first process and started to write hardcoded in to the actions. Now as things get more complicated I have a great lack of my usual objects and classes.

So i learned, never get layz of writing the helpers of a project. Take around 30% in the begining of a project for writing your own objects. This will also help you to solve problems even before they occur. Effect.toggle.(‘MyAss’)

For one of my clients, i had to clean up some mess which was done by another college. The web site has a registration form and a login form which is both in the same screen. This makes the screen look too big and too complicated. There were also some fields and forms which are at wish if you only choose specific options.

So i decided to make the form look smaller. I wanted to hide some fields until they are not checked or used. I stared to program at 21:40.

1. Scenario 21:50 (after some cigarets and jagermeister)

I have some background experience with and Because I allready use scriptticolumous in the web site i decided to use scriptaulimoumus but I still don’t know how to spell it or read (always have to search on that he corrects my misspelling).

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Unlock Falk Navigator 3500 Pro SC (Tyhpoon MyGuide 3500 GO)

Last year, short before christmas 2005, i went by car to Germany to visit my parents and relatives. I never went before to Germany by car so it took like 7 hours to go there instead of 4 hours, the problem was that i was lost several times finding the right way to home. So my father decided to by me gps navigation device for which i am very thankfull to him because i still loose my way where ever I go without the navigator.

We bought the navigator in mediamarkt for 350 euros which was quite expensive, the price went down to 199 euros a month later. As written above name of the device is Falk Navigator 3500 Pro SC with some europe maps.

Of course i had to hack it, it took like a month that i was finished with it but it is now as usable as a handheld pc.

So these are the first steps to unlock it.

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