Unlock Falk Navigator 3500 Pro SC (Tyhpoon MyGuide 3500 GO)

Last year, short before christmas 2005, i went by car to Germany to visit my parents and relatives. I never went before to Germany by car so it took like 7 hours to go there instead of 4 hours, the problem was that i was lost several times finding the right way to home. So my father decided to by me gps navigation device for which i am very thankfull to him because i still loose my way where ever I go without the navigator.

We bought the navigator in mediamarkt for 350 euros which was quite expensive, the price went down to 199 euros a month later. As written above name of the device is Falk Navigator 3500 Pro SC with some europe maps.

Of course i had to hack it, it took like a month that i was finished with it but it is now as usable as a handheld pc.

So these are the first steps to unlock it.

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